Latchit Rack

The Rack with Benefits!

Latchit Racks Design Includes

Lock up to six bikes •  Securely locks to your truck using the factory tailgate lock • No rubbing on tailgate, stanchions, or scratching paint • More truck bed space than a tailgate pad • Light weight - 15lbs • Folds flat to hang on the wall or under work bench • Works with most toolboxes and tonneau covers • Gear storage in the end pouch • Works as a bed extender • Prevents denting and rubbing from harsh tailgate angles • Accepts 12-29" bikes

Lock all

Peace Of Mind

No Rub

Only touches upper Crown

Up to Six

Plenty of room
in your bed

Usable tailgate extender

Not a Pad
A Pocket

Hold your gloves, pads, glasses, shoes and goggles.

The Simplicity of Latchit Rack

Ride with your tribe

From 1 to 6 bikes we've got you loaded and locked. 

The Nitty Gritty


We were very skeptical that we could like any bike rack better than the one we were previously using. However, after testing out latchit rack for several weeks it has now become our favorite. What we love most about latchit rack:

-it is solid and our bikes don’t bounce around during transport

-it’s simple, lightweight and easy to use but still durable

-it securely and safely holds all 6 of our bikes

-it frees up room in the back of our short bed truck for gear

-it doesn’t take up a lot of space in our garage when storing

-it protects our truck from scratches 

As a family of six who lives on our bikes and takes them everywhere we go, we put latchit rack through the ringer and it has exceeded our expectations!

The Fonger Family, Utah

As an active mountain bike, dirt bike and outdoor couple. My wife and I have been on a mission to efficiently carry all of our toys easily and effortlessly on our adventures. Thanks to Latchit Rack we no longer have to choose what kind of bikes we want to ride this weekend.  We are now able to seamlessly carry 2 full size dirt bikes, 2 mountain bikes and all of our gear needed to have the time of our life anywhere we go.   Latchit Rack is hands down the most user friendly rack solution we’ve ever used.

Justin JT Cox

I am so excited to have finally found a bike rack that I can easily put on my truck without the help of my husband! I am hauling bikes back and forth to bike parks constantly with my kids, and it's so nice to have a rack that is so lightweight and so easy to latch to my tailgate. I've never owned a rack that is so simple to use and doesn't damage my vehicle or my bikes. This mama loves organization and this rack is so compact it takes minimal space on my garage wall for storage. One of my favorite things about this rack is I can have up to 6 bikes lined up in the back of my truck taking a very small amount of space leaving me plenty of room for all of our other gear when we go camping. Not to mention there's even storage in the pad for all of our gloves and shoes! This is the easiest, lightest most convenient rack I've ever used, hands down!

Melanie G.

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